Women's circle

Women's Circle

Our new subscription tier is a collaboration with one of our very own VIP's! Welcome Jules, and her women's circle, Jules has been a part of Ash's tribe from day 1 and we can't wait to share with you what she has to offer x

Hello VIP Tribe

I’m Jules and have been part of the tribe since day 1, learning and growing with our beautiful mentor and psychic medium Ashlyn. I truly believe in the power of the universe and everything happening in perfect divine timing. Ashlyn and I connected and crossed paths in 2022 for a reason, and I’m beyond excited for what the future holds in this space.
Ash and I have made the decision to partner together to bring more love to you all in the tribe space. We want to empower YOU in many ways.

I am a Canadian First Nations Ojibwe woman who began truly chasing her dreams, when I ventured across the world all the way to beautiful Australia to work and travel for 6 months to a year…… that
was 9 years ago. Whoopsie haha

I have been on a deep healing journey for the last 3.5 years, truly finding my way to my higher self, my home within myself, ME. I have had some magical discoveries, some intense learning, deep and meaningful connections with my guides and my ancestors. I have grown to love all that I am as a woman walking this earth. I feel deep in my soul I’m here for the purpose of empowering women + supporting them along their healing journeys. Using my own personal experiences, my BA in Psychology, my spiritual learnings and my cultural heritage- I have opened up a beautiful space which I call Sweetgrass Circle of Healing. I have some huge dreams and goals and won’t stop chasing them. I want to show you how you can empower yourself, empower those around you, heal, love, grow, connect and so much more. This year I will be stepping into some further self development, studying my reiki and am in the process of becoming a certified trauma coach.  

What I will be offering in this space: 

Monthly Women’s healing circles (full moon or new moon) - 1 hour in person 

Monthly Women's healing circles (full moon or new moon) - 30 mins via Zoom for those that can’t show up in person 

Monthly Zoom live learning 

Access to the private VIP Instagram page

Monthly newsletters 

What else is in store later this year...

Women’s workshops dropping across the year  1:1

Coaching - coming soon!!  

Peace and love, Jules