I have always been very intuitive growing up, and have been blessed with the gift of connecting to passed over loved ones and pets, as well as seeing the future before it unfolds, I refer to myself a psychic medium. I have been successfully connecting to passed over loved ones- providing closure and answers to hundreds of family’s world wide, as well as providing accurate predictions of future events to clients locally and internationally. I can hear, smell and see what my spirit guides need me to intuitively visualise in order to deliver the message to you. I like to keep it real and raw, with a ‘no fluff’ attitude. What you see is what you get- I’m a straight shooter. I pride myself on my accuracy and I am so grateful to be able to use my gift to assist others in this lifetime with healing, and witnessing the magic.


I have created a subscription service to open the doors on more learning, acceptance and gathering of a tribe within our own gated community of the spiritual world.

There will be weekly lives, monthly classes and much more that is only accessible via these subscriptions.

By signing up you will also get early access with bookings, and other future events. 

There are four tiers available, depending on what you feel drawn to…