Ashlyn is one of those rare people who has the ability not only to provide startlingly accurate predictions and relevant guidance but also manages to deliver everything she needs to say in the most compassionate and warm way. You really do feel, from the moment you meet her, as though you are in the company of a caring friend. Among other things, during my hour with Ashlyn she connected me with my best friend who has passed. To say I was shocked by how evident it was that my friend really was there would be an understatement. Ashlyn was 100% accurate in her description and conveyed things that absolutely no-one else knew except my friend and I. Making that connection has comforted me beyond measure and I’m incredibly grateful to Ashlyn for that. It’s no surprise to me that Ashlyn has built up such a warm-hearted community around her. It’s a testament not only to her skill as a medium but also to her beautiful soul. If you’re lucky enough to be able to snag one of her highly sought-after spots, you’re fortunate indeed. 

- from Christen

Ashlyn is the real deal when it comes to psychic mediumship! I have been fortunate enough to watch Ash grow with her craft for a few years now and still get goose bumps when receiving readings from her. Whether it be receiving messages from past over loved ones, or from my spirit tribe, it has always hit home for me. Over the last 12 months I have also been involved within the VIP Tribe, which has been an absolute BLESSING! This tribe that Ash has created has provide me with a safe space to connect with like minded people and grow within my own self! The self CONFIDENCE I now have is because I was lucky to have found my people within the VIP Tribe and Ash. So, if you're thinking of joining us, DO IT!! 

- Megan

I started my membership after the loss of my father, my life was in
turmoil. I was in a job I hated. My extended family was a mess and the
only solitude I had my my immediate family and Ashlyn to give me hope every week with her beautiful lives that solved all of my problems and gave me hope.

After 12 months of her beautiful wisdom I have found within myself
everything I need to know about the future and my life, I have grown
spiritually, intuitively and am a much better human because of this
amazing subscription and even took steps towards my dream life in a job I love and studying my dream course.

- Amanda

Well what can I say, I am forever grateful that I found Ash on social media and started following. I love how Ash keeps it real, is down to earth and uses her gifts to spread kindness and positivity to people.

I am also greatfull that I am part of the VIP Tribe. I absolutely love it so so much and  I feel I am learning lots from Ash and love that she teaches us through live learnings and on lives on Monday nights.

I feel these things really adds value to the stargazer subscription.

Ash is the first medium who I feel is so gifted and so spot on. Ash is so unique and should be proud of herself with what she offers us as a tribe and what she has achieved.

I love being in the tribe so much, and would recommend it to anyone.

- Alison